What propositions are on the November 2016 ballot in California?

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What propositions are on the November 2016 ballot in California

What propositions are on the November 2016 ballot in California?

Seventeen measures will be put before voters at the election on November 8, 2016. Eighteen measures is the average number of measures California voters decided each even-numbered year from 1996 through 2014.

Proposition 51 Education $9 billion in bonds for education and schools
Proposition 52 Healthcare Voter approval of changes to the hospital fee program
Proposition 53 Elections Projects that cost more than $2 billion
Proposition 54 Accountability Conditions under which legislative bills can be passed
Proposition 55 Taxes Personal income tax increases on incomes over $250,000
Proposition 56 Tobacco Increase the cigarette tax by $2.00 per pack
Proposition 57 Trials Felons convicted of non-violent crimes
Proposition 58 Education Bilingual education in public schools
Proposition 59 Campaign State’s position on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
Proposition 60 Movies Require the use of condoms in pornographic films
Proposition 61 Healthcare Prescription drug price regulations
Proposition 62 Death penalty Repeal the death penalty
Proposition 63 Firearms Background checks for ammunition purchases
Proposition 64 Marijuana Legalization of marijuana and hemp
Proposition 65 Environment Grocery and retail carry-out bags
Proposition 66 Death penalty Death penalty procedures
Proposition 67 Business reg Prohibition on plastic single-use carryout bags

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