Tom Ammiano: Jane Kim is the Progressive Choice

Special letter from Tom Ammiano:

I know both candidates running for State Senate very well.

That’s why I am firmly backing Jane Kim. She’s the only candidate who will stand up and fight for us, not the big corporations like the other candidate.

Jane Kim is a leader who wrote and passed strong new protections for renters. She wrote the local ordinance raising the minimum wage. Jane is standing up to developers and the real estate lobby to win historic new levels of affordable housing. She is a former school board president who understands that we need to invest in our kids. And I am so proud to support her new effort to make community college free for everyone, so we can help more Californians get the skills they need to find high-wage jobs.

Her opponent? Well let’s just say there is a reason why the big corporations back him.

I know just how much power the big corporations have in Sacramento. We need a fighter like Jane Kim standing up for us, not a corporate-backed politician like her opponent.

Teachers, nurses, women’s groups, California Democratic Party Chair and lifelong progressive champion John Burton and so many others join me in standing with Jane Kim for State Senate.

I hope you will join us in electing this incredible champion to represent us in the State Senate. Please sign our pledge and don’t forget to vote Jane Kim for State Senate.


Tom Ammiano

P.S. If you have an absentee ballot – please mail it as soon as you can to make sure it arrives in time. If not – remember that Election Day is coming quickly on June 7! Cast your ballot for Jane Kim at City Hall or find your local polling place here.Ammiano Photo