San Francsico Proposition H: Establishment of a Public Advocate Office Amendment

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San Francisco Proposition H: Proposition H – Establishment of a Public Advocate Office Amendment for San Francisco

Ballot Question:

Shall the City amend the Charter to create the position of Public Advocate, responsible for investigating and attempting to resolve public complaints concerning City services and programs; and shall it be City policy to provide the Public Advocate with sufficient funding and a support staff of at least three and up to 25 city employees?

A “Yes” vote means: 

A yes vote is a vote in favor of amending the city charter to establish the elected city office of Public Advocate, who would oversee a support staff of 25 city employees, to review city programs and address complaints about city services and programs.

A “No” vote means: 

A no vote is a vote against this proposition to establish the city office of Public Advocate.

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Source: Ballotpedia