San Francisco Proposition X: Replacement Space for Requirement for Development Projects

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Proposition X: A measure to Require Developers to Provide Replacement Space for Structures with Certain Uses in Creative and Small Business Sectors.

Ballot Question:

Shall the City require developers of projects in parts of the Mission and South of Market neighborhoods to build replacement space if they remove production, distribution and repair (PDR) uses of 5,000 square feet or more, institutional community (IC) uses of 2,500 square feet or more, or arts activities uses of any size, and to obtain a conditional use authorization before changing the property’s use?

A “Yes” vote means: 

A yes vote is a vote in favor of requiring developers to provide space to replace any locations zoned for neighborhood arts, small businesses, or community services of certain sizes that were destroyed or disrupted by a development project within the Mission and South of Market neighborhoods.

A “No” vote means: 

A no vote is a vote against this proposition, thereby leaving the city’s regulations about zoning and development in effect in the Mission and South of Market neighborhood.

Read the full text of San Francisco Proposition X here.

Source: Ballotpedia