San Francisco Proposition T: Gifts and Campaign Contributions from Lobbyists

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Proposition T: San Francisco Restricting Gifts and Campaign Contributions From Lobbyists

Ballot Question:

Shall the City prohibit any lobbyist from making campaign contributions to a City elected official or bundling contributions for the official, if the lobbyist was registered to lobby the official’s agency; generally prohibit lobbyists from providing gifts of any value to City officials; and require lobbyists to identify the City agencies they plan to lobby?

A “Yes” vote means: 

A yes vote is a vote in favor of (1) requiring lobbyists to identify the city agencies and officials they plan to lobby during a registration process, (2) prohibiting them from making campaign contributions to officials they are registered to lobby and making gifts to any city officials, and (3) prohibiting lobbyists from facilitating contributions from a third party, an activity called bundling.

A “No vote means:

A no vote is a vote against this proposition, thereby leaving the city’s restrictions on campaign contributions from lobbyists unchanged and leaving no prohibition against lobbyists bundling contributions for officials.

Read the full text of San Francisco Proposition T here.

Source: Ballotpedia