San Francisco Proposition R: Neighborhood Crime Unit Creation

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Proposition R: San Francisco Neighborhood Crime Unit Protection

Ballot Question: 

Shall the City create a Neighborhood Crime Unit to prevent and investigate crimes that affect neighborhood safety and quality of life when the City has at least 1,971 full-duty uniformed police officers?

A “yes” vote means: 

A yes vote is a vote in favor of requiring the city police department to create a unit consisting of 3 percent of all sworn police offices dedicated to preventing crimes harmful to neighborhood safety and quality of life, provided there are a minimum of 1,971 sworn police officers.

A “No” vote means: 

A no vote is a vote against this proposition, thereby leaving efforts against neighborhood crime as an equally shared responsibility among all police officers with no dedicated task force.

Read the full text of San Francisco Proposition R here.

Source: Ballotpedia