San Francisco Proposition Q: Prohibiting Tents on Public Sidewalks

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Proposition Q: San Francisco Prohibiting Tents on Public Sidewalks

Ballot Question:

Shall the City prohibit the placement of tents on public sidewalks without a City permit and allow the City to remove unauthorized tents if the City provides 24-hour advance notice, offers shelter for all tent residents and stores the residents’ personal property for up to 90 days?

A “Yes” vote means:

A yes vote is a vote in favor of prohibiting the use of tents on public sidewalks and requiring the city to offer temporary shelter before removing tents.

A “No” vote means:

A no vote is a vote against this proposition to prohibit tents on public sidewalks, thereby leaving the city’s laws against obstructing public sidewalks and sitting or lying down on sidewalks in place without adding a specific provision against tents.

Read the full text of San Francisco Proposition Q here.

Source: Ballotpedia