San Francisco Proposition C: Affordable Housing Bond Issue

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San Francisco Proposition C: Loans to Finance Acquisition and Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing

Ballot Question: 

To Amend 1992 voter approved measure Proposition A, to allow as an additional purpose the incurrence of bonded indebtedness to finance the acquisition, improvement, and rehabilitation of at-risk multi-unit residential buildings and to convert such structures to permanent affordable housing; shall the City and County of San Francisco issue up to $260,700,000 in general obligation bonds, subject to independent citizen oversight and regular audits?

A “Yes” vote means:

A yes vote is a vote in favor of authorizing the city to issue $260.7 million general obligation bonds originally approved by voters in 1992 and repurposing the bonds to fund the purchase and improvement of buildings in need of safety upgrades in order to covert them intro affordable housing.

A “No” vote means:

A no vote is a vote against allowing the city to issue and repurpose $260.7 million in general obligation bonds.

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Source: Ballotpedia