San Francisco Measure RR: BART Debt Increase

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Measure RR: San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District

Measure RR Ballot Question:

To keep BART safe; prevent accidents / breakdowns / delays; relieve overcrowding; reduce traffic congestion / pollution; improve earthquake safety and access for seniors / disabled by replacing and upgrading 90 miles of severely worn tracks; tunnels damaged by water intrusion; 44-year-old train control systems; and other deteriorating infrastructure, shall the Bay Area Rapid Transit District issue $3.5 billion of bonds for acquisition or improvement of real property subject to independent oversight and annual audits?

A “Yes” vote means: 

A yes vote is a vote in favor of authorizing the Bay Area Rapid Transit to increase its debt by $3.5 billion through issuing general obligation bonds in that amount.

A “No” vote means: 

A no vote is a vote against this proposition to issue $3.5 billion in general obligation bonds.

Read the full text of San Francisco Measure RR here.

Source: Ballotpedia