Local Ballot Measures

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There are an overwhelming number of ballot measures and candidates on the ballot this November, and I appreciate your continued support throughout this race.
Since 2004, I have shared my endorsements for the November election cycle with my friends and the community. This pivotal year is yet another opportunity to insert your voice into the democratic process and affect positive change – this season in particular is crucial for maintaining the heart and soul of the city we love. I encourage everyone to vote in this election regardless of your choices for candidates, but for everyone curious, here are my endorsements for November 8, 2016
  • Proposition A: Resolution Ordering School Bond Election in an Amount Not to Exceed $744,250,000 and Authorizing Necessary Actions in Connection Therewith – Support
  • Proposition B: San Francisco Community College District Parcel Tax – Support
  • Proposition D: Filling Vacancies in Local Elective Office – Support
  • Proposition E: City Responsibility for Maintaining Street Trees – Support
  • Proposition F: Sixteen and Seventeen-Year-Old Voting for Municipal Elections – Support
  • Proposition G: Department of Police Accountability, Police Oversight – Support
  • Proposition H: Public Advocate – Support
  • Proposition I: Funding for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities – Support
  • Proposition J: Homeless Housing Services Fund; Transportation Improvement Fund – Budget Set-Asides – Oppose
  • Proposition K: General Sales Tax – Oppose
  • Proposition L: Municipal Transportation Agency- Appointments to Board of Directors and Budget – Support
  • Proposition M: Housing and Development Commission – Support
  • Proposition N: Non-Citizens Voting in School Board Elections – Support
  • Proposition O: Office Development in Candlestick Point and Hunters Point – Support
  • Proposition P: Competitive Bidding for Affordable Housing Projects on City-Owned Projects – Oppose
  • Proposition S: Allocation of Hotel Tax Funds – Support
  • Proposition T: Restrict Lobbyist Gifts, Campaign Contributions and Bundled Contributions – Support
  • Proposition U: Affordable Housing Requirements for Market-Rate Development Projects – Oppose
  • Proposition V: Sugary Drinks Distributor Tax Ordinance – Oppose
  • Measure RR: BART General Obligation Bond – Support
  • Measure T: Parcel tax to provide long-term funding for the Jefferson Elementary School District – Support
  • Initiative Ordinance Q: Prohibiting Tents on Public Sidewalks – Oppose

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