Legislation Sponsored by Jane Kim

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Proposition W

Increase Real Estate Property Transfer Tax on Properties of at Least $5,000,000 – Support

jane kim prop w san francisco proposition w jane kim ccsf

Working- and middle-class families are being squeezed out of San Francisco and the Bay Area, and this ballot measure will ensure that those who are doing very well, those who can afford to pay a little more, pay a slight increase on homes that sell for $5 million or more. This will generate on average about $44 million each year, and I am proposing that half of that money goes toward making City College free again for all San Francisco residents, regardless of age, income, or any GPA requirements, so that all San Franciscans have access to job training and general education college courses. This ballot measure is crucial for helping to ensure that San Francisco remains affordable for everyone to live and work here.

Proposition X

Preserving Space for Neighborhood Arts, Small Businesses and Community Services in Certain Neighborhoods – Support

yes on prop x jane kim san francisco proposition x

This ballot measure will require new developments in the South of Market and Mission District to partially or fully replace the existing spaces occupied by arts, blue-collar businesses, and nonprofit community services when new projects would demolish or replace those spaces.

There has already been almost 1 million square feet of space lost over the last 5 years. The City’s Chief Economist estimates this initiative will save existing jobs and create new one. We have waited years for the City to protect these artists and workers. They haven’t. And we can’t wait any longer. These are working- and middle-class jobs that don’t require higher education degrees. Preserving these jobs is crucial to ensuring that San Francisco remains affordable for everyone to live and work here.


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