Jane Kim on Transit

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jane kim on transit jane kim for state senate district 11
Jane Kim understands that San Francisco is currently facing an affordability crisis – and that problem is being made worse by transit systems that simply don’t work for many.

Transit options are severely limited while others have to commute for hours because they can’t afford to live in the communities where they work. 1 million of the Bay Area’s 3.5 million workers commute over at least one county boundary every day on their way to work!

Jane believes that San Francisco needs to build infrastructure and a culture that encourages and incentivizes our residents and workers to get out of their cars and walk, take public transit and bike.

Vision Zero

In 2014, Jane Kim, along with Supervisors John Avalos and Norman Yee, called for San Francisco to adopt Vision Zero by 2024 – a plan to improve pedestrian/bike safety, supporting public transit systems, such as MUNI, the Downtown Rail Extension to the Transbay Terminal, High Speed Rail and programs such as Free MUNI for Youth and Seniors.

To implement the program, Jane calls for a three pronged approach – engineering, education and enforcement.  She believes San Francisco must design streets that anticipate and prevent conflicts between pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and large vehicle drivers, including MUNI.

Public Transportation and City Planning

Jane has pushed for luxury developers to pay more for better transit. She also believes that regional and local agencies should work together to enact more “smart planning” and transit-oriented development so people have plenty of good options to get to their jobs.

Jane has worked closely with the Planning Department and developers to plan for and invest in biking infrastructure. When negotiating large developments, she collaborated with San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and WalkSF to ensure that developers consider bicycling in the project and invests in the neighborhood’s streets.

She has made certain developers agree to reduce parking spots and to strategically place garage entrances and exits to best prevent conflict with cyclists by working with statewide advocacy organizations like California Walks and CalBike.

Bike and Pedestrian Safety

Jane will fight to promote more policies for safer streets for bicycles and pedestrians. As someone who bikes and walks to work, she believes that San Francisco should encourage and incentivize residents and workers to use these modes of transportation.

As Supervisor, Jane Kim convened a monthly District 6 Pedestrian Safety Task Force for the last six years, bringing together condo homeowners in Rincon Hill and South Beach, SRO residents in the Tenderloin and 6th Street, and Filipino and Latino families in SoMa and the Tenderloin to identify dangerous corridors and intersections – and fight together for increased safety.

Jane implemented the first pedestrian safety pilot for the City on 6th Street, the number one and three injury intersection in the City.  She will continue to balance long-term strategy improvements with near-term pilots in our highest injury corridors.