Jane Kim on the Environment

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jane kim on the environment jane kim environmental policy

Endorsed by the California Environmental Justice Alliance along with the Sierra Club, Jane Kim has been a champion of combatting the global climate crisis, protecting open spaces, strategically planning cities to lessen their environmental impacts and promoting healthy communities.

In Sacramento, she will seek to expand California’s leadership in cutting greenhouse gas emissions and fight the oil and gas industry by opposing fracking and price gouging, and by supporting renewable energy and electrification of our transportation sector. Jane will support disadvantaged communities and work to advance environmental justice by addressing the disproportionate impacts of pollution, unsustainable development practices and drought in the Bay Area and across California.

As a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Jane strongly supported local clean energy programs like CleanPowerSF, which allows electricity customers to choose cleaner energy at an affordable price. She supported the ban on single use plastic bags that have littered our streets, clogged our recycling and sewer infrastructure and harmed marine life. When others sought to weaken our local California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process, Jane worked to strengthen it by mandating robust community notification and prioritizing neighborhood participation and input.

Climate Change

Jane supports California’s leading role in the battle against climate change. She wants to accelerate our drive toward renewable energy and will protect the rights of local jurisdictions to buy renewable energy through programs like CleanPowerSF.

Jane has championed San Francisco’s efforts to reduce our local use of carbon-based fuels. She is working to reduce the number of cars on our roads by spearheading Vision Zero, a plan to improve pedestrian/bike safety, supporting public transit systems, such as MUNI, the Downtown Rail Extension to the Transbay Terminal, High Speed Rail and programs such as Free MUNI for Youth and Seniors.

The Drought

California has had two century-long droughts in its history. They are going to continue to occur and climate change will continue to exacerbate them. Given these facts, California should at all times be prepared for a drought and should continue limiting their water usage indefinitely. This will help ensure that during drought years, everyone has access to clean drinking water.

Jane will support the continued water usage restriction even when California is no longer in a drought. In addition, she will make sure California invests in the infrastructure needed to protect the water that we already have. 

Sustainable Communities

Developing communities and cities that are more environmentally sustainable is key to combating climate change. As a San Francisco Supervisor, Jane has worked hard to deliver on laws that create higher density housing projects while preventing the displacement of tenants in order to allow low- and middle-income families to stay in San Francisco.

Jane also co-sponsored the Healthy Retail Incentive program, designed to address the inequities of food deserts in low-income neighborhoods like the Tenderloin and Bayview/Hunter’s Point. Jane strongly supports the campaign to convert local small business liquor stores, primarily immigrant-owned, to become local corner stores by shifting their sales from tobacco and liquor to fresh produce.

Environmental Justice

Disadvantaged communities often suffer disproportionate environmental impacts. Jane has worked to ensure that low-income, minority and immigrant communities in San Francisco are benefiting from City programs and opportunities through culturally and linguistically appropriate outreach and support.

In Sacramento, Jane will be vigilant in considering the environmental justice impacts of state programs and policies, particularly programs that reward wealthy and educated early adopters of environmental policies without addressing outreach and access for disadvantaged communities.

San Francisco has worked hard to pair local solar incentives with workforce development programs in order to ensure disadvantage communities are benefiting from the growing clean energy economy. With programs like this as her example, Jane will be an advocate for equity and justice in addressing our state’s environmental challenges.