Jane Kim on Healthcare

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jane kim on healthcare

Jane Kim has been a lifelong advocate for affordable healthcare. Healthcare is becoming more important than ever with our aging population, so she understands how important it is to have strong advocates in the State Legislature to protect and expands healthcare rights for all Californians.

Affordable Healthcare

Jane supports a publicly administered universal health care system (i.e. “single-payer”). Although the Affordable Care Act has insured 3 million Californians, more than 3 million others remain uninsured. Medicare should be expanded to include everyone.

Women’s Right to Choose

Jane believes that reproductive health is a human right, and that women should have autonomy over their bodies.

She supports public funding of abortion services and other reproductive health services for all women, especially for low-income women, women of color and women who depend upon the federal and state Medicaid program for their health. Reproductive services, including but not limited to prenatal care, birth control and abortion, are a basic public health right that all women should have regardless of their socioeconomic status or income level.

One of Jane’s most notable accomplishments, recognized in the Washington Post, was her leadership in barring misleading advertisements by San Francisco’s Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC).  These faith-based nonprofits had misleading advertisements implying that they provided full family planning services, including abortion services and referrals, even though no such services were offered. CPC advertisements targeted low-income and vulnerable women in order to communicate anti-choice messaging once the woman walked through their doors. Jane co-sponsored a bill that required CPCs to be transparent about actual services offered and their position on abortion. The bill was implemented and serves as an example for other cities.

In 2013, she also co-sponsored, with San Francisco Supervisor David Campos, legislation that established a 25-foot buffer zone around reproductive health clinics, to prevent anti-abortion protesters from harassing individuals entering the clinics. This ordinance protects a woman’s right to choose, while balancing anti-abortion activists’ First Amendment right to free speech, within the legal parameters set forth by McCullen v. Coakley.

Planned Parenthood

Most recently, Jane was the primary author of a resolution supporting continued funding for Planned Parenthood nationwide and committing local funding support in the event that the San Francisco Health Center, operated by Planned Parenthood Northern California, was defunded at the federal or state level.  This provision commits the City to prioritize this funding and ensure that there is no interruption in the services provided by the San Francisco Health Center.

Paid Family Leave

Time off of work is necessary for new mothers and fathers, and employers should allow every parent to have the support and benefits to care for and bond with their newborn.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Jane believes it’s time to start investing in more mental health and substance abuse prevention programs. Much of San Francisco’s jail population suffers from severe mental illnesses, has a history of substance abuse and/or suffers from chronic homelessness and poverty.

In San Francisco, Jane Kim and the Board of Supervisors successfully turned down a grant to build a new prison in San Francisco. Instead, the City is asking the state to give San Francisco $80 million to instead build a mental health component to our criminal justice system and not put folks who are already suffering in jail.

Jane is also deeply committed to building a residential mental health facility, substance abuse treatment programs – including drug needle exchange programs, wet house programs and safe injection sites – and more affordable housing.