How to Vote for a Write-In Candidate in San Francisco

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  • In addition to the candidates listed on the ballot, there may be a qualified write-in candidate. “Qualified” means candidates who have submitted the documentation that is required to run for an office.
  • The only write-in votes that can be counted are votes that can be counted are votes for qualified candidates.
  • For a list of qualified write-in candidates, click here, or ask a poll worker.
  • Before casting a write-in vote, make sure:
    • the candidate is not listed on the ballot
    • the candidate is on the qualified write-in list
    • to write the candidate’s name in the space at the end of the candidate list and complete the arrow that points to the space  as shown below:

how to vote for a write in candidate in san francisco

Source: The San Francisco Voter Information Pamphlet and Sample Ballot