Follow the Money Behind Corporate Candidate Scott Wiener

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Public Reports Illustrate How the Big Corporations and Big Landlords Are Funding the Campaign to Elect Scott Wiener

Some of the largest corporations in the world are working behind the scenes to elect Scott Wiener. Documents filed with the FPPC illustrate how contributions from Chevron, AirBnB and other major corporations are supporting Scott Wiener’s campaign for State Senate.

How does corporate money help Wiener? You just need to read the record.

1. On April 11, Chevron made a major contribution to an independent expenditure group known as Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy. The $300,000 donation from Chevron accounts for nearly half of what Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy raised in the last reporting period. (Source: California Form 460 covering 1/1/16 – 4/23/16)

2. The same day – April 11 – Equality California Political Action Committee reported two separate contributions from Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy totaling $70,000. (Source: California Form 460 covering 1/1/16 – 4/23/16).

3. Finally, on May 2, 2016, Equality California PAC disclosed two independent expenditures on behalf of Scott Wiener. One for a $133,203 television ad buy and another $8,937.50 expenditure for polling. These are the only independent expenditures Equality California PAC has made on behalf of any candidate or measure this year. (Source: Power Search database, Office of the California Secretary of State, data pulled 5/5/16)

4. Of course, this isn’t the first time Chevron has contributed to Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy. In 2015, Chevron gave $100,000 to the PAC. All told, Chevron has given $1.26 million to support Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy. (Source: Cal-Access, contributors to Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy, pulled 5/23/16)

While the money gets passed from committee to committee, the source remains the same – oil giant Chevron.

Similarly, other corporations have contributed to independent expenditure committees supporting Scott Wiener. A new political action committee – funded by Air BnB – has already spent thousands of dollars supporting Wiener’s campaign. (Source: Progress San Francisco Form 496 filed 4/28/16)

Scott Wiener has already directly taken contributions from big landlords – including the man who spent nearly $1 million to ban rent control in California. That individual, Thomas Coates, and his wife each gave $8400 to Wiener this year alone.

Finally, Wiener himself has chosen to reject the voluntary spending limits so that he can take an unlimited number of donations from corporations and special interest groups.

The big corporations have chosen their candidate – Scott Wiener.