Facts Over Attacks

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These false attacks are coming fast from Scott Wiener and his corporate backers. Get the facts and help us fight back!

 ATTACK: Jane Kim Choose Academy of Art University Over Protecting San Francisco Tenants and Accepted “Thousands” of Dollars from AAU

FACT: Jane Kim Sought a One Month Delay to Allow for Community Input on Legislation Directed at AAU

    • As reported by the San Francisco Examiner, when legislation to prevent conversions by AAU and other institutions came to the board, Kim asked to delay the vote for one month – not indefinitely as Wiener’s misleading implies. Said Kim, “I agree with the intent. I think we should encourage new construction and we shouldn’t cannibalize existing rental housing stock. I just want additional time to work on these outstanding issues.” [San Francisco Examiner, 9/1/12]
    • Wiener knows his attack is false as the very section he excerpts cuts out Kim’s comments. Here is the full passage (and in bold is what Wiener selectively quoted in his mailer):

The measure passed 9-2, with Supervisor Jane Kim hoping to stall its passage until September to allow for additional talks on creating a way to monitor student housing development and possibly grandfather in certain institutions. Under Wiener’s ordinance, not-for-profit universities such as the San Francisco Art Institute would be grandfathered in and would able to convert some housing.

“I agree with the intent,” Kim said. “I think we should encourage new construction and we shouldn’t cannibalize existing rental housing stock. I just want additional time to work on these outstanding issues.”

FACT: Jane Kim Voted for the Final Legislation

    • When the final legislation came before the Board in September, Kim voted for it – as Wiener must know. In another article he misleadingly excerpts, it’s reported that the measure passed unanimously, with Kim supporting. [San Francisco Chronicle, 9/9/12] Further, as that story notes, Kim had been asked for the delay by a member of the Mayor’s office, Jason Elliott, who confirmed asking for the continuance. [San Francisco Chronicle, 9/9/12]

FACT: Jane Kim Did Not Receive “Thousands” of Dollars in Contributions from AAU

    • In reality, Jane received 4 individual contributions from AAU personnel in 2010 and 2011, totaling $2000. This is less than a quarter of what Scott Wiener received in one day this year from the Republican millionaire who tried to ban rent control. [Source: Ethics Commission, data pulled 9/19/16; Scott Wiener for State Senate FPPC Filings, 3/22/16]
    • Jane did not receive any direct contributions from AAU. [Source: Ethics Commission filings, data pulled 9/19/16]

ATTACK: Jane Kim Supported Projects Without Affordable Housing

FACT: The Cited Project Included $11 Million Payment to City’s Affordable Housing Fund

  • In 2012, the Board of Supervisors approved the 8 Washington project. Kim was one of 8 Supervisors (including Scott Wiener) to vote to approve. She cited the projects inclusion of an $11 million payment into the City’s affordable housing fund in voting to approve. “Mar and Kim agreed, citing the $11 million developer Simon Snellgrove has agreed to pay into the city’s affordable housing fund, the parking fees that will help finance street improvements and landscaping, and the open space that will be part of the development. While it’s a difficult decision, Kim said, ‘The positives outweigh the negatives.’” (San Francisco Chronicle, 9/5/12)
  • The $11 million in fees was $2 million more than what was mandated at the time and represented a 25% offsite fee payment (20% was required). (Report to Budget and Finance Sub-Committee from Budget and Legislative Analyst, 6/1/12)

FACT: Jane Kim Has Been A Leader In Supporting Affordable Housing Projects, Protections for Tenants

  • Jane Kim has negotiated landmark deals with developers to increase the amount of affordable housing as part of new developments.
    • Kim successfully negotiated 40% affordable housing in the new Giants project at Mission Rock. (SF Weekly, 5/16/15)
    • Kim successfully negotiated 40% affordable housing in the new 5M project. (San Francisco Chronicle, 11/9/15)
    • Kim successfully negotiated 40% affordable housing in the new Folsom tower project. (San Francisco Chronicle, 1/16/16)
  • Kim authored Prop C to increase the level of affordable housing in new developments from 12 to 25%. (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/2/16) Prop C was supported by 67.92% of voters in the June 2016 election.

FACT: Jane Kim’s District Is Home to the Most Growth in Both Housing and Affordable Housing; Scott Wiener’s District Falls Far Short

  • From 2005 – 2015, Kim’s District 6 produced 14,060 units of housing, including 3,414 units of affordable housing. (SF Housing Balance Report, 2005 – 2015, released 9/4/15)
  • In that same period, Wiener’s District 8 only produced 1,041 units of housing, including just 407 units of affordable housing. (SF Housing Balance Report, 2005 – 2015, released 9/4/15)

FACT: While Scott Wiener’s District Had the Most Evictions in the City, He Opposed Key Elements of Kim’s Tenant Protections Bill

  • From 2005 – 2015, District 8 had 699 no-cause evictions. That’s the highest amount of any district in the city. (SF Housing Balance Report, 2005 – 2015, released 9/4/15)
  • While Kim was passing tough new tenant protections to crack down on frivolous evictions, Wiener opposed provisions that would have allowed leaseholders to have roommates up to the capacity allowed in their apartment. Wiener would have allowed landlords to continue to evict residents just for having a roommate. (San Francisco Examiner, 9/29/15)

ATTACK: Kim Voted for and Against the Twitter Tax Exemption

FACT: Kim Supported Phasing Out Tax Exemptions in Transition to Gross Receipts Tax

  • Kim had supported the Mid-Market incentive program to help fill vacancies in that business district. (San Francisco Chronicle, 4/6/11)
  • In 2012, two proposals were put forward to replace San Francisco’s payroll taxes on businesses for a tax on gross receipts. (San Francisco Chronicle, 6/13/12) One maintained a credit for those companies receiving payroll tax exemptions; the other did not. Kim supported the latter approach as the City moved from payroll taxes to gross receipts and stated, “I was very clear with the mayor’s office and very clear with Twitter that if we reformed how we do the business tax, there was no guarantee the exclusion would continue.” Kim joined Supervisor John Avalos in introducing legislation to reconcile the differences between the bills.
  • The final outcome – Prop E – had the support of Mayor Ed Lee and every member of the Board.

ATTACK: Kim Voted to Retain Ross Mirkarimi and then Supported A Recall

FACT: Jane Kim Followed the City Charter in Opposing Removal, Supported a Recall to Allow Voters to Make Ultimate Decision

  • Kim did not support Mirkarimi’s actions. In fact, she denounced them. As a lawyer she understood Mayor Lee had overreached his authority in removing Mirkarimi and voted accordingly. (Kim “Message to My Community”, 10/10/12)
  • In a message to her constituents, Kim wrote, “I feel that not only Sheriff Mirkarimi’s actions but his attitude following those actions is wrong…. This is not what I was asked to vote on. The Board was asked to set a precedent around the interpretation of our Charter, the Constitution of our City, regarding the removal of any public officers… I am deeply pained by the decision because regardless of the legal reasoning for my final vote, I know that the public may perceive this as a statement that violence committed by an elected official is okay. I do not condone the Sheriff’s actions and my faith in him as a person and Sheriff has greatly diminished. Nevertheless as a policy maker, I believe it is important to establish a bright line rule or a clear and articulable test to establish grounds to remove any public officer by City Charter. Just because I have deemed this personal misconduct does not mean that it is a private matter– it is still quite a public matter. It is the role of the criminal justice system to adjudicate and sentence unlawful behavior.  Further, the electorate has every right to recall the Sheriff, an action which I would support.”

FACT: The Billionaire Funding Ads Attacking Jane Kim on Mirkarimi Declined to Fund a Recall to Remove Him from Office

ATTACK:  Jane Kim Opposed the Parkmerced Development

FACT: Jane Kim Stood with Tenants, Tenant Advocates in Voting Against Project That Would Have Eliminated 1,500 Rent Controlled Units


  • In 2011, developers Stellar Management and Fortress Investment Group proposed razing the apartments at Park Merced (which included 1,500 rent controlled units) to build development consisting of approximately 9,000 units, a third of which would be rent-controlled. (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/23/11)
  • Opponents of the project – including the San Francisco Tenants Union – voiced concerns that due to recent court decisions, it was unclear if rent-control would be maintained in the new development. (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/23/11)
  • A number of residents of the existing complex also spoke out against the project, with one saying, “I think this is a travesty. There’s no guarantee that we’re protected.” (San Francisco Chronicle, 5/24/11)

ATTACK: Jane Kim Co-Authored the Mission Moratorium Which “Halted” Housing Projects

FACT: The Mission Moratorium Was an 18 Month Pause on New Market-Rate Housing Developments

  • Prop I was a temporary pause to new construction to allow for the creation of a neighborhood development plan (Text of Proposition)
  • Prop I only applied to market-rate developments of five units or more; affordable housing projects would have continued (Text of Proposition)
  • Prop I was endorsed by a wide coalition including the San Francisco Examiner, labor unions and affordable housing advocates 

ATTACK: Jane Kim Opposed the Affordable Housing Density Bonus Program

FACT: Jane Kim Worked To Ensure Tenants Were Protected

  • The Affordable Housing Bonus Program did not have clear tenant protections and threatened this affordable housing stock.
  • Jane Kim has fought for the strongest protections for tenants and rent controlled housing while our opponent has taken money from landlord lobbyists and opposed stronger protections for tenants. (Source: Scott Wiener for State Senate 2016 FPPC Filings – Form 460 filed 7/14/16; Form 460 filed 8/1/16; San Francisco Examiner, 9/22/15)

ATTACK: Jane Kim Opposed $50 Million a Year for Homelessness Programs

FACT: The New Funding Comes Entirely from a Regressive Sales Tax

  • San Francisco residents already pay a sales tax of 9%; the increase would raise that to 9.75% – the 4th highest sales tax rate in the state. (Sales Tax Handbook)
  • Sales taxes hit low-income residents harder than the wealthy. As a 2015 report from the Institute of Tax and Economic Policy noted, “Sales and excise taxes are very regressive. Poor families pay almost eight times more of their incomes in these taxes than the best-off families, and middle-income families pay more than five times the rate of the wealthy.”

FACT: Jane Kim Has Fought to Provide Real Solutions to the Homelessness Crisis

  • Jane Kim has pushed for new developments to include housing for formerly homeless families and seniors, including as part of her landmark agreement with 5M. (San Francisco Chronicle, 11/9/15)
  • Jane Kim has called for a state of emergency on homelessness to better marshal resources to address this crisis. (Scott Wiener blocked a San Francisco resolution calling for the state of emergency.) (San Francisco Chronicle, 3/28/16)
  • Jane Kim has introduced a resolution to create a working group to pilot building micro-unit modular housing for homeless residents. (Release, 9/20/16)
  • With the majority of the homeless population being much older and sicker than previously acknowledged, Jane Kim fought successfully to place nurses into adult shelters and to establish a medical respite shelter for those too ill to be accepted into regular shelter, simultaneously saving the City unnecessary high-cost emergency room visits and ambulance transport and caring for those with the very least (San Francisco Chronicle (Release, 5/13/15; San Francisco Examiner, 3/25/14)
  • Jane Kim supported the opening of two new Navigation Center sites in her district alone and advocated for additional low-barrier shelters to be erected in appropriate spaces to help homeless residents get off the streets