Local Candidates Endorsed by Jane Kim

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Since 2004, I have shared my endorsements for the November election cycle with my friends and the community. This pivotal year is yet another opportunity to insert your voice into the democratic process and affect positive change – this season in particular is crucial for maintaining the heart and soul of the city we love. I encourage everyone to vote in this election regardless of your choices for candidates, but for everyone curious, here are my endorsements for November 8, 2016:


District 1 Supervisor: Sandra Lee Fewer

Jane kim sandra lee fewer jane kim endorses sandra lee fewer


District 3 Supervisor: Aaron Peskin

aaron peskin jane kim endorses aaron peskin


District 7 Supervisor: Norman Yee



District 9 Supervisor: Hillary Ronen

hillary ronen jane kim endorses hillary ronen

Board of Education:

Matt Haney

matt haney jane kim endorses matt haney


Stevon Cook

stevon cook jane kim endorses stevon cook


Mark Sanchez

mark sanchez jane kim endorses mark sanchez


Bart Board

Bard Board District 7: Lateefah Simon

lateefah simon jane kim endorses lateefah simon

Bard Board District 9: Bevan Dufty

bevan dufty jane kim endorses bevan dufty


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