California Proposition 51, Public School Facility Bonds

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Proposition 51: School Bonds. Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities. Initiative Statute.

Proposition 51 Ballot Summary:

  • Authorizes $9 billion in general obligation bonds: $3 billion for new construction and $3 billion for modernization of K-12 public school facilities; $1 billion for charter schools and vocational education facilities; and $2 billion for California Community Colleges facilities.
  • Bars amendment to existing authority to levy developer fees to fund school facilities, until new construction bond proceeds are spent or December 31, 2020, whichever is earlier.
  • Bars amendment to existing State Allocation Board process for allocating school construction funding, as to these bonds.
  • Appropriates money from the General Fund to pay off bonds.

A Yes vote means: 

A “yes” vote supports the state issuing $9 billion in bonds to fund improvement and construction of school facilities for K-12 schools and community colleges.

A No vote means: 

A “no” vote opposes the state issuing $9 billion in new debt to fund the improvement and construction of education facilities.

You can read the full text of Proposition 51 here. 

Source: Ballotpedia