The Road Ahead

After weeks of counting, the votes in the State Senate race are now final – with the total results 49% for our campaign and 51% for Scott Wiener’s campaign. As we anticipated, it was a very close contest and while I’m disappointed we didn’t get the outcome we wanted, I’m proud of the campaign we ran.

I’m so thankful for the support we received from over 200,000 voters, hundreds of volunteers and over 30,000 contributions averaging $47 each – all dedicated to the idea that we can have a City and a State that works for all of us.

In the face of over $5 million in special interest spending for our opponent we were unable to succeed in this campaign. But the struggle is not over – far from it.

I’m going to continue to fight for all of you: to end the evictions, create more affordable housing, bring good jobs to our City, expand access to higher education and help homeless residents. Given the frightening news of what is happening nationally, it’s more important than ever that we work together to strengthen our diverse community and protect it against those who would seek to divide, demonize and devastate everything that makes San Francisco special.

I wish Scott well in his work in Sacramento. But I know we still have a lot to do right here and right now in San Francisco to make our City more affordable for everyone.

I’m tremendously proud that voters passed Propositions W and X to help make City College free and to end many of the displacements that were threatening artists, community service organizations and small businesses. These are great steps forward, but there is more to do.

I’m ready for the challenge and I hope you are too.

We’ll be celebrating the holidays this Friday at 5:30pm at Tradition (441 Jones Street, SF) and I hope you can come! It’s been a long year and I want to personally thank you for how hard you worked to help our campaign and to save our City.

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