Jane Kim Campaign Releases “Not Hip to Evict” Response Ad After Corporate Candidate Scott Weiner’s Backers Dance to “Hip to be Square”

San Francisco, CA – Today, Supervisor Jane Kim’s campaign for State Senate launched a rapid response to the “Hip to be Square” video launched by corporate candidate Scott Wiener’s tech and real estate backers. Today’s political ad, which uses the 1980s bar tune of the same name, tries to re-brand the landlord-backed candidate as a “hip dude.”

Christopher Vasquez, Jane Kim’s campaign manager, said simply, “It’s not hip to evict, Scott.”

Vasquez continued, “This new ad by Wiener’s corporate backers is brought to you by the same team that helped a tech billionaire try to buy the city government.”

It is a very expensive production featuring the catchy 80s Bar Tune “Hip to be Square” and it was produced by the same people who a few years ago had tech billionaires wiggle with joy in a video at the prospect of seizing power at City Hall. That tech billionaire is Ron Conway, who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money attacking Jane Kim.

This is just the latest in a now million-dollar-plus push from the powerful to elect Scott Wiener.

The funds behind the video, and the overall effort supporting Wiener, include sizable contributions from Chevron, the landlord lobby, a Republican billionaire from Houston who wants to end fair pensions for seniors, the Republican couple behind trying to overturn rent control, and the people behind trying to privatize our public schools.

“There is nothing hip about an 80s style corporate candidate Scott Wiener who believes Reagan-style housing policies will solve San Francisco’s housing crisis,” Vasquez said.

You can watch Jane Kim’s response ad here.

The full text of Jane Kim’s ad is below:

Scott Wiener may love the 80s but we’re not talking about bad hair and shoulder pads. 

Corporate candidate Scott Wiener is all about failed housing policies and taking support from the people trying to overturn rent control.

Tell Scott Wiener: It’s not hip to evict.


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