The Nation Names Jane Kim as One of the Top Ten ‘Progressive Contenders’ to Watch This Year

The Nation, America’s oldest weekly magazine, named Jane Kim as one of the top 10 down-ballot candidates to watch this year. According to the publication, Jane is one of many progressives that are “shaping the 2016 debate and, perhaps, the future.”

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Originally seen in The Nation

There is much more than the presidency at stake come November 8. Whoever controls the Senate and the House will determine what the next president can accomplish. Governors and legislatures decide whether a given state is a “laboratory of democracy” or a political shop of horrors in which unions are attacked, school funding is endangered, and gerrymandering denies people the right to be heard. Along with Russ Feingold’s Senate race in Wisconsin and Zephyr Teachout’s House race in New York (both already covered by The Nation), here’s a survey of the progressive campaigns that are shaping the 2016 debate and, perhaps, the future:

Jane Kim, State Senate, California

A member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Kim authored the ballot measure to increase the city’s minimum wage to $15 an hour and is now running a fiercely populist campaign for the State Senate. Attacked by dark-money groups and real-estate interests who disapprove of her affordable-housing advocacy, Kim fights back with TV ads that display her tae kwon do skills and declare, “Jane Kim: Kicking Ass So We Don’t Get Kicked Out.” Kim’s got a big vision for what state legislators can do, arguing, “Whether it’s on health care, higher education, K–12, prison and criminal-justice reform, and previously gay marriage, all of these issues were actually being fought in the state capitols.”

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