RELEASE: Billionaire Investor Seeds $75,000 to New Dark Money Group to Attack Jane Kim


September 22, 2016


Billionaire Investor Seeds $75,000 to New Dark Money Group to Attack Jane Kim

Wiener’s Stated Opposition to “Citizens United” Another Value Out the Window

San Francisco, CA – Yet another dark money contribution is flowing into the State Senate race in District 11. Billionaire investor Ron Conway donated $75,000 to a newly formed so-called independent expenditure group dedicated to attacking Jane Kim.

Scott Wiener – who once said, “The federal government needs to follow our lead to stop our elections from being swamped by big money donors” – continues his refusal to stop the dark money flow by not signing Elizabeth Warren’s People’s Pledge.

“Last week, Scott Wiener stood by a supporter who had made astoundingly transphobic comments. This week, he continues to refuse to stop the dark money by signing the People’s Pledge as big money donors and corporate cash attempt to corrupt the democratic process on his behalf,” said Christopher Vasquez, Campaign Manager for Jane Kim for State Senate. “In the post-Citizens United era, principled political leaders stand up against unlimited sums of corporate cash but Scott Wiener left his backbone at the door when he decided to run his 100% negative fall campaign.”

Earlier this year, Jane Kim invited Wiener to join her in signing Elizabeth Warren’s People’s Pledge to keep dark money out of this campaign. Wiener refused. Today voters are left to wonder if there are any principles Wiener will actually stand behind in his ambitions for higher office.

Prior to Conway’s donation, the California Realtors Association, the California Apartment Association and the California Charter School Association Advocates donated $690,000 to a political action committee that is running misleading and false television ads attacking Jane Kim.

“Scott may not have a positive agenda to present to voters or real solutions to the challenges we face,” said Vasquez. “But we have more confidence in voters than Scott does and know that when they cast their ballot, it will be for a true leader – Jane Kim.”


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