Outside Special Interest Groups Are Dumping Hundreds of Thousands to Attack Jane Kim

We knew it was coming and here it is.

This week, a political action committee placed a six-figure ad buy to attack Jane Kim. These new television ads may say they are funded by a group called EQCA PAC, but the money is coming from some of the most conservative special interests in California – realtors, landlords and charter schools.

After Jane’s stunning victory in the primary, big corporations knew that they were going to have to go dirty to stop her momentum. And her opponent, Scott Wiener, made it very clear he was going to run a 100% negative campaign – and by rejecting Senator Elizabeth Warren’s People Pledge, he sent a strong signal to these special interests that he needed their help. Now they are delivering.

Right after the primary, the California Association of Realtors, the California Apartment Association and California Charter School Association Advocates all gave $120,000 to EQCA. And just this week, we learned that the landlords have kicked in another $80,000 while the charter school advocates have contributed a whopping $250,000 more.

Why did they give these unprecedented sums to EQCA? To fund this misleading and false attack on Jane – and to elect corporate candidate Scott Wiener.

Community leaders are already speaking out against these negative attacks – but we’re going to need the resources to keep our own ads up on the air, keep our field operation going strong and keep hosting community forums focused on real solutions.

Please help us fight this attack and focus on what really matters: more affordable housing, stronger schools, helping the homeless and creating good-paying jobs.

Join Jane!

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