Thank You District 11!

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the many voters in District 11 who cast their ballot for me and have supported our campaign for State Senate from the beginning. I especially want to thank the hundreds of dedicated volunteers who came out, rain or shine to knock on doors in every neighborhood of the district.

I have gotten this far because of you – and we will win in November because our campaign is the only one with the strong, progressive coalition behind it and the volunteer network that makes the real difference with voters on the ground.

My opponent declined the voluntary spending limit so he could continue raising an unlimited amount of money, and he outspent us by more than 2-1. He also had most of the traditional political establishment behind him. But the powerful coalition we have built has sent a clear message – that our city is not for sale and it’s not for rent either. It is time for voters, not big corporations and special interests, to have the biggest say in our government. What last night showed is that we are ready for a city and a state that work for all of us.

I am more determined than ever to keep fighting for the values we believe in – affordable housing for our low- and middle-income families, good jobs, humane solutions to the homelessness crisis and pathways to higher education for all students. I will continue to fight for you through November and in the State Senate.


Jane Kim

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