RELEASE: Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich Endorses Jane Kim for State Senate

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Today, Jane Kim’s campaign for State Senate announced the endorsement of Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert B. Reich. Reich, one of the most respected thought leaders on progressive policies, cited Kim’s commitment to fighting economic inequality in making his endorsement.

“I’m proud to endorse Jane Kim for State Senate. It’s imperative we have fighters at the state level who will protect and advance policies that benefit all of us. The Bay Area, one of the most progressive places in the country, should be represented by a true progressive – a leader who is forward thinking, compassionate and open-minded. Jane will be the principled and progressive leader we need in the State Senate who will move all of us forward. Jane understands that if we truly want to close all of the gaps in our society – the wealth gap, the opportunity gap, the achievement gap and more – we need to fix the systems that are so often rigged against those who don’t have a voice in government. I look forward to seeing what Jane can accomplish for the Bay Area and California in the State Senate,” said Reich.

“Secretary Reich is an influential leader in the fight to limit inequality in our country and our communities. I’m so honored to have him backing my campaign for State Senate. Secretary Reich and I share a common vision of a society that works for all of us,” Kim said of the endorsement.

Robert Reich is currently Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley and Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Blum Center for Developing Economies. He served as Secretary of Labor to President Bill Clinton, has written over a dozen books on inequality in America and recently co-created a documentary titled, Inequality for All.

Reich’s endorsement comes shortly after U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders announced his support of Kim’s campaign. They join a growing list of principled leaders and organizations including California Nurses Association, California Teachers Association, California Democratic Party Chair John Burton, Assemblymember Phil Ting, EMILY’s List and many more in supporting Jane Kim. Please see a full list of Jane’s endorsements at

The Sacramento Bee: Connecting the donor dots in California outside spending campaigns

By Jim Miller

Equality California’s name is synonymous with the years-long fight over civil rights for gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people, with the Los Angeles organization’s influence extending well beyond California.

But it’s dentists, energy companies and the real-estate industry that have donated much of the money for Equality California’s six-figure spending in a pair of legislative races on the June 7 ballot.

The organization has spent almost $190,000 to support Scott Wiener, a Democrat running for the San Francisco-based 11th Senate District, and $52,000 for Anna Caballero, a Democrat running in the Salinas-centered 30th Assembly District.

“They’ve become a pass-through for corporate-backed interests,” Eric Jaye, the political consultant for Jane Kim, Wiener’s Democratic rival, said of the group. Not true, countered Rick Zbur, Equality California’s executive director. “We do take money from business interests. We determine our endorsements independently,” he said.

As of midweek, more than 50 outside spending groups had pumped more than $19.5 million of TV ads, mailers and other advocacy into almost four dozen Assembly and Senate races on next month’s ballot.

Check Out Our Latest Ad: “Our City”

Our campaign just released our second ad! “Our City” is now running on TV and online and you can see it below.

We’re up against a corporate candidate who has rejected the voluntary spending limits so he can raise an unlimited total from landlords, big corporations and other powerful interest groups. But we can compete and win because we have the strongest message – and because we have the strongest people-powered campaign.

That’s why I hope you will share, like, tweet and forward this ad to your entire network of friends and donate to my campaign so we can keep it on the air.

San Francisco is in real danger of losing the very people that make it the city we love. Families, seniors, artists, students and so many others are being forced out.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done during my time on the Board of Supervisors to create more affordable housing for low- and middle-income families. But I know we need strong voices and leadership in Sacramento in order to truly make this a city that works for all of us.

In the State Senate, I will continue to take a stand for our residents so more people can continue to call our city home.

This is our city – let’s keep it that way.


Bernie Sanders has endorsed our campaign!

We have some very exciting news – Bernie Sanders has endorsed our campaign for State Senate!

On Tuesday, Senator Sanders’s campaign announced the endorsement of eight progressive candidates, including myself, in an email to his supporters.

“No president, not Bernie Sanders, not the greatest president you could possibly imagine, can take on the billionaire class alone. And that’s because change never happens from the top down, it always occurs from the bottom up.

That’s why today I am announcing my support for eight progressive state legislative candidates who embody the spirit of our political revolution.”

I am so honored and humbled by Senator Sanders’s support and I have also enthusiastically endorsed his candidacy for President.

Senator Sanders and I share a common vision. A vision where our communities work for all of us – not just those at the very top. We’ve seen the consequences of so a few people having so much, while the rest are shuttered. The middle class is disappearing and the poor can barely survive.

It’s time to fight – time to fight for progressive, compassionate policies that lift all of us up, not just the ultra-wealthy. This means we need to fight for free community college, so everyone has a shot at entering the middle class. This means we need to ensure housing is a right, not a privilege, and create more affordable housing for our low- and middle-income families. And this means we need compassionate policies and services to house the homeless.

Senator Sanders speaks to all of these issues and is leading the fight for working and middle class families at the national level. He’s opened a dialogue that includes the most vulnerable among us who have long not had a voice in government. And he’s shined light on the gross amount of money in politics – something our campaign is struggling with as big corporations and special interests fund our opponent’s race.

Senator Sanders is taking a stand for all of us.

I’m so excited to have Senator Sanders as a supporter and an ally in this campaign. His support is evidence of just how important this race is in the future of the Bay Area.

Please share this great news with your friends and families and be sure to check out our new ad, “Our City.” You can see it here.