In Wake of Super Bowl 50 Debacle, Supervisor Kim to Offer Legislation to Ensure Future Agreements Protect Taxpayers

San Francisco, CA – Taxpayers in San Francisco were shocked to find that they would be picking up the tab for costs related to Super Bowl 50 corporate marketing parties. Supervisor Jane Kim, who has pushed for the city to be reimbursed by the NFL and Super Bowl Host committee, will soon offer legislation to ensure that this situation doesn’t happen again. Kim plans to introduce the draft ordinance before the Board in coming weeks.

“We should never, never have been put in a position where taxpayers were subsidizing events hosted by some of the most profitable companies in the world. I’m going to continue to fight for reimbursement but I’m also acting now to make sure this never happens again,” said Kim.

Her new draft ordinance will require the City of San Francisco to enter into formal agreements with any entity that is hosting an event lasting more than 24 hours and that requires a fee to attend. San Francisco had no such agreement with the Super Bowl Host Committee while Santa Clara, which is hosting the actual Super Bowl, had a very firm agreement not to pay for associated costs.

Kim’s ordinance will also include provisions to ensure that a fiscal feasibility analysis be performed for any agreement to determine potential costs to the City and that the agreements are submitted to the Board of Supervisors for review – neither step was undertaken with the Super Bowl corporate marketing parties. Finally, the ordinance will require that a liability waiver be included in any agreement so taxpayers are not forced to pay for unforeseen accidents that could occur at privately-run and hosted events.

“The multi-billion dollar NFL is asking San Francisco taxpayers to hand over more than $4.5 million to pay for their marketing parties – and if there is an accident, we could be liable for many times that amount,” said Kim. “We need protections in place now so hardworking taxpayers will never again be left holding the bill for billion dollar companies.”

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